Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angel - Season Three

I'm laughing at how much things can change in one little season.

I've just finished season 3 of Angel. I'm still trying to decide where this season goes in my list of favorite to least favorite seasons. That's bad when I've only seen three seasons so far.

Again, I loved everything involving Darla. She's really a great character. I kind of wish she were around a bit more.

Baby Conner made me squee and Oooo and Awwww SO Much! That Kiddo was ADORABLE! I just wanted to cuddle him every time I saw him. Grown up Stephen/Conner? Well, it's only the end of season 3 so I'm going to give him some time to grow on me . . . Let's hope he does. He does have SOME attitude on him, that's for sure!

Cordelia is still annoying me. Not sure why, I just don't care for her character. Never really did actually. But, now, this STUPID Angel/Cordelia stuff . . . I just don't even have words for how much I can't stand that! I don't really care for Groo either but if he keeps Cordelia away from Angel, I'm his biggest fan. Too bad he left.

Fred is sorta freakin' Adorable! I LOVE her so much! And, thanks to Fred, I'm really enjoying Gunn too! I didn't like him when he first showed up but I'm totally over that. They're so cute! I ship this a lot!

Still HATE Wesley . . . still waiting for that to change. When he first showed up on the show I kind of liked him. I liked him better than Cordelia and better than Gunn but that has totally changed. Right now, out of the main cast, Wesley is definitely my least favorite. (This in no way mirrors my opinion of Alexis Denisof because I really do enjoy him and he's pretty too.) Also, the Wesley/Lilah thing? I can deal with this. Hate them both, they're perfect for each other!

Then there's Lorne . . . I love Lorne. I didn't love Lorne when he first showed up and to be honest I still think the singing thing is a bit silly but I can totally look past it because I love Lorne. He's sweet and funny and I like the relationship he has with Angel. To recap: Lorne Rocks!

Did I miss anyone? Angel? Well, we all know my love for Angel will never change. Moving on . . .

Lilah is freakin' annoying, as always.

Oh! Holtz! I have a definite love/hate relationship with Holtz. Maybe I hate Holtz but kind of fell in love with Keith Szarabajka. I looked him up on the imdb and was surprised at how often I'd seen him but never noticed him. He really stood out to me as Holtz. A very gray area kind of character. Do you love him? Do you hate him? In the end I guess I hate him. (But that didn't stop him from being a great character.)

I'm excited for season four. Angelus was my favorite Big Bad in Buffy and I love it every time he makes an appearance. There are definitely not enough episodes with this creepy guy. He is legitimately scary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Angel - Season Two

I have finished season two of Angel.

I really enjoyed the Darla arc in this season. I Really enjoyed all the Angel/Darla moments. I don't care how many times he said he didn't or couldn't love Darla. I still think he did. Why would he do all the things he did for her if he didn't love her?

Also, I LOVE it when we get to see Angel's dark side. That part of the Darla storyline was fantastic! I would watch those episodes again, no problem.

Then they had to go and ruin the Whole thing. Angel went into this repentant/brood mode again and decided that Wesley should be in charge. WHAT!?!?!?

And if putting Wesley in charge wasn't enough we ended up in Lorne's homeland. That whole storyline bored me. It went on so much longer than it needed too. Also, it made me hate Wesley. I'm done with him. Maybe he'll redeem himself for me but it's going to take a lot.

At the moment I prefer Gunn to Wesley and I really didn't think that would ever happen. I am So Sick of this Wesley in charge crap too.

The only redeeming thing that came out of that storyline was Fred. I don't have strong feeling about her either way yet but she's on the almost adorable side of the spectrum.

Then there's Lorne. Umm. I kind of think the whole "you have to sing so I can read you" thing is kind of silly. He's just one more character that isn't doing it for me.

So, to recap. I love Angel, he's awesome, will never not love him but, deferring to Wesley is NOT working for him. I Hate Wesley. Fred is kind of precious. Cordelia, I'm not warming up to her very much either. Gunn is growing on me a bit. Lorne is silly.

I want so much to love this show. I really really do. (Hence, I'm still watching.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love my Netflix watch instantly. I was recently able to rewatch the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love that show and missed it a lot. It was nice to see it again.

Since I finished Buffy I thought I would move on to Angel. I was never really into Angel when it was on. Not sure why, I just didn't watch. So, now I've been watching Angel.

I miss Buffy. Not just the series, the character. I'm a BIG fan of Angel/Buffy. Sure she had that thing with Spike and that was fine for the moment but way back in Season three of Buffy in the episode "Enemies." Angel said to Buffy, "You still my girl?" Her answer is it, people. "Always." She will never not love Angel. (And neither will I.)

So, this Angel series . . . While I love Angel (and David Boreanaz) the res of the cast is seriously leaving a lot to be desired. They killed off the next best character to Angel in episode NINE of season ONE. Doyle was awesome and I totally miss him all the time.

Wesley, I don't mind Wesley. He's an okay character. He's no Doyle, but I'll deal.

Cordelia? I freakin' can't stand Cordelia. Seriously. And Angel and Cordelia together?!?! I want to gag. Literally, it's gross. So very wrong. I have no problem with looking at them in a brother/sister kind of way. I think it's sweet every time Angel refers to Cordelia as family.  I think Cordelia and Wesley would make a nice couple. But I only just finished season one.

Gunn. I don't like Gunn either. But like I said I only just finished season one. Maybe I just have to get used to him.

I haven't met Fred or Lorne yet. I have met Lindsay. The character is good and Christian Kane looks FANTASTIC in this part but Lindsay McDonald is an idiot. He's so dumb.

I think that's it for now. Maybe I'll have more when I finish season two.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bones - Wishes for Season Six

I've been waiting for Booth and Brennan to get together just like everyone else.

David Boreanaz is such a good actor. It kills me to see Booth loving Brennan without having her return the affection. I mean, it's adorable the way he treats her and the way he looks at her (I could go on for ages on that!) but she's making me crazy!

I think that it's time that Brennan stops thinking SO MUCH with her head and starts using her heart a little. I love her, but she really annoys me sometimes. (Right here I should add that J says Brennan reminds him of me. Also that friend I talked about yesterday. She thinks the same. Should I be worried? I'm not sure whether that's a compliment or not . . .)

My wishes for season six?

I hope Booth comes back from Afghanistan with a girlfriend whom he adores. I want to see him looking at her with those adoring eyes that he always used on Brennan. I want sweet looks and cute kisses and a Super Happy Booth. I want a girlfriend who's sweet and smart and who adores him right back.

And I want a Brennan so very jealous that she can't sleep at night!

It would serve her right. Look, I don't want this Booth/Other girl thing to go on forever. I want Booth and Brennan together but I'm REALLY tired of seeing Brennan hurt Booth and I want some payback. I want her to see how much he likes this girl and how happy he can make her and how happy they are together and I want her to REALIZE THAT SHE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bones - Gettng hooked

So, Bones.

I never watched this show. I had no idea what it was about. When I would see previews on TV I always thought that David Boreanaz's character was Bones. Haha. That's how little I knew.

Then somehow, I'm not sure how, possibly our mutual affection for Leverage, I met @Krista_Booth on Twitter.

 Krista is a BIG Bones fan. I owe my entire love of and devotion to Bones to Krista. By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH, KRISTA!!! (Just a note: Even if Krista weren't a Bones fan she's still a pretty ok person. Actually, she's an awesome person! Internet friends rock!) :)

Now, this whole Bones thing . . .

Is there anyone who doesn't want Booth and Brennan to end up together in the end? I don't know anyone.

I was talking to my friend the other day and she said she was bored . . .

Me: Netflix, Youtube?
Her: I looked on Netflix and nothing interested me.
Me: Try a TV show called Bones. It's really good and it's not creepy (This because I KNOW she saw "Bones" and thought horror something.)
Her: Ok, I'll check it out.
Me: I hope you like it because it really is a fantastic show.

The next day I talked to her. You know what she said? "Oh by the way I'm totally hooked on Bones. I watched four episodes that first night!

I was sooo excited!! Haha. Then she said: "I'm just dying to know if Booth and Bones hook up!"

I felt sorry for her. Haha. She's only four episodes in and is already dying to know if they get together. Meanwhile the rest of us are waiting for season six and we're STILL daying to know if they "hook up!"

Tomorrow my post will include my wishes for season 6.