Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lost Boys

Saturday night I watched a movie that's been around for over twenty years. A movie that focuses on one of my favorite subjects/genres. A movie that, somehow, I had never seen before.

A movie called The Lost Boys.

I'm not sure how it had escaped me for so long. I mean it's like 24 years old. But, regardless, Saturday was my first viewing.

Things I learned from The Lost Boys:

1. Slaying vampires can and will destroy your plumbing. It doesn't matter what room of the house you slay the vampire in either, if there's plumbing in Any other part of the house it's done for. We're talking exploding sinks and toilets, massive ick from the pipes, All of it. Take your vampire slaying outside.

2. Apparently some vampires Enjoying biting people in the head. Why is this? I mean, I get biting people in the legs or arms or other places like that, but the head? Not of lot of veins up there . . . Is it just because they prefer scalping?

3. Blood in a bottle is really thin. Like, it looks like watered down cool-aid.

4. It doesn't matter how bad things are. It doesn't matter who you're running from. It doesn't matter if you're turning into a vampire and you don't understand anything. It just doesn't matter . . . There is ALWAYS time to stop everything and have sex.

5. Kiefer Sutherland is pretty. He also has a great sounding voice.

6. I will Never look at Richard Gilmore the same way again! Haha.