Friday, February 3, 2012

Vampire Diaries give me Emotions

Things I loved about last night's Vampire Diaries:

(In no particular order)

1. Alaric! Everything Ric. - Matt Davis was perfect last night. He clearly does not get enough screen time on this show. I even cried. Seriously though, Every Season I go through this. PLEASE don't kill Ric??? PLEASE????

2. Caroline. - I adore Caroline.

3. Death of Caroline's Dad - Sorry, Care, but that guy was awful and I was so glad to see him go.

4. Elena/Alaric - What? I just don't know what to feel anymore about them. I know to ship them would be icky. But . . . But, do you SEE the chemistry?? Can't miss it.

5. Matt/Elena - I might agree with Klaus just a teeny, tiny bit. Elena and Matt could use some normal.

6. "I love her, Damon." - Oh, Stefan! It was SO good to hear him say that! I'll admit when Stefan went evil I loved it. It was hot. Paul was awesome. But now it's too hard. He's too scary. I really miss the old, sweet Stefan. However, I'm torn because I like that Damon and Elena are getting some attention. I'm not sure what I want. Ugh.

7. Kol - Klaus FREAKED out! Legitimately! He was so scared of Kol! I can not wait to find out what THAT'S all about!!!

8. Klaus - I love him. Blasted Joseph Morgan. He makes me feel so bad for Klaus. I desperately hope they don't kill Klaus off. I wish he could stay around forever but I don't know how that would work. I imagine they'll lock him up somewhere and save him for later.

9. Original Reunion - This should be interesting. Oh, and Rebekah! :)

OK, I think I'm done. What did you love?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leverage: The Last Dam Job

Leverage is one of my most favorite shows. The cast is awesome, the writing is awesome, the show is awesome.

I admit there are times when you have to not think too much (which I REALLY have a problem with. The over thinking things, I mean.) and just let it happen but overall I love it.

The season four finale was last night and, as per usual, it was perfect. I thought I might do a quick (quick? Really?) recap.

Ready? Let's go!

8:00: Timothy Hutton. I have lots I could say about him. Suffice it all to say: He's amazing. I love when they give him these tough, emotional scenes because he Kills them! Great to watch. He needs more awards.

Dubenich is back. I didn't see that coming at all. Saul Rubinek plays this villain very well. I have to admit, I didn't see that coming either. He just doesn't look like a villain. I'm glad they brought back a previous mark as the foe in the finale. It's nice to see someone come back and try to get even with the team.

8:03: Beth in her wig. I love it. :) It's strange to see the team doing their thing and all getting caught. They're usually so good at the sneaking around.

8:05: What did Nate do to his apartment? He tore the place apart. And then, obviously, took time to set up his cot in front of the screens and sleep there. Instead of just walking upstairs to his bed. OK.

8:06: Bring on the guest stars! (Eliot made it to Kiev really fast.)
       ~ Quinn. I guess if Eliot is going to get someone to be a hitter it's going to be the only guy that almost beat him. I'm glad they chose Quinn and not the girl from 'Two Live Crew Job'.
       ~ Archie. I would have picked Apollo but it's cool to see Archie back. (Beth looks beautiful in this scene, by the way. But, she always does.)
       ~ Chaos. Wheeeeeeeaaatttooooonnn!!!! There just really was no other option here. Nice touch with the Counselor Troi joke. (Um, is Chaos psychic? How did he know they were going to ask him for help?)

8:13: I love that they took the time to spit shine Nate's apartment. Really?

8:14 "You got me a Bat Cave?!!?" There are so many great lines in this scene. Too many for me to put here. The scene has great interaction between everyone.

Quinn: Can I hit him?
Eliot: Which one?
Quinn: Either one.
Eliot: See? It's not just me.

8:19: Quinn: "How many fingers do you need to type? Round DOWN." Chaos is really geeky in this episode. I don't remember him always being like this.

Quinn and Chaos in some weird Eliot and Hardison twilight zone.

Quinn, dressed all preppy for his fight scene.

8:25: "You made it impossible for Hardison to hack us with a computer so he hacks us with a clam??" Haha!

Hardison is really trying to impress Archie. "Sir."

Chaos being tased? Nice.

8:29: Nate's MO "Psychological warfare." I love it.

I love how Latimer tells Nate he's the same stock as his Father and Nate's response? "Remember that." Creepy Nate!

8:35: This scene, between Eliot and Nate, is really nice. It's so nice to see the character development between everyone. They really are a family now and they really do care about each other. It's nice to see a softer side of Eliot. I get tired of his scowling and grunting all the time. Christian Kane has more talent than scowling and grunting. This is a good scene for his softer side.

Nate. Nate, Nate, Nate. He looks like he's listening. But, is he? Is he just acting for Eliot's benefit? Because that swing around with the gun? Shooting up the place?  Creepy Nate is back and it's chilling.

8:38: Eliot pointing that gun in Dubenich's face. I almost want to call it sweet. He knows what it'll do to Nate if Nate kills him. And Eliot, he's already killed people. Why not save Nate the trouble and just kill Dubenich right here?

Side note: Remember in the pilot when Nate and Eliot are playing pool and Nate lays it all out. "We are not friends?" I already said it, but I like how it's so different now. Eliot plainly says "I'm thinking about saving my friend some trouble."

MAGGIE! I was so excited when I saw Kari Matchett's name in the opening credits. I love Maggie. Kari is my second favorite guest actor on Leverage. I wish her part would have been bigger but I understand that she has her own show now and it's hard. (P.S. I'm all about Nate/Maggie. I like Sophie but I prefer Tim's chemistry with Kari.)

I love how Nate looks so cornered here. I guess I also like that they don't make Maggie a jealous wife ("Ex. He never says 'ex wife'."), she's perfectly fine with Nate and Sophie being together. It's OK, Maggie. I'm jealous for you.

"If temptation counted as cheating, no marriage would make it past the first year." And coming up is one of my favorite moments of the episode.

Maggie: Imagine what it was like for me? You bringing James around all those years?
Nate: James? Sterling??
Maggie: We better hurry. Latimer will be waking soon. It's your master plan. Pity if we miss it.
Nate: Seriously, Sterling?
Maggie: Seriously.

For the record . . . Yes. James Sterling. Seriously. Maggie has exceptional taste in men. How did she even function in a room with both Nate and Sterling?

8:46: Archie: "I approve of your young man, very much." Awwww. Me too. Parker is getting used to caring. That's really sweet.

8:49: Nate Ford - Bullet magnet. Wow. He's been shot so many times it doesn't seem to bother him so much anymore. (I guess it Could be the adrenaline rush though.)

8:54: Creepy Nate is back. "My son would be ashamed of me if I was a murderer. My Father, on the other hand, he'd buy me an ice cream."

Nate Ford is a smart man. Creepy or not.

(Tim Hutton - More awards, please. I mean it! Someone work on this!)

I have to wonder how close Nate is to really killing these guys. I mean, he is a smart man. I want to think that he's too smart to murder two men. But, he is human, they did kill his Father.

No, Nate Ford is a very smart man.

He's creepy too. He let those guys go right over the side and Didn't Even Flinch. Creepy Nate!

8:58: "I gotta make some changes. I got plans." I'm SO curious!

Nate/Sophie kiss! Like I said, I prefer Maggie but I'm not complaining.

I love this shot. Nate and Sophie are in their own little world and Eliot, Hardison and Parker are fighting like children.


I really loved this episode. My only complaint is the lack of a certain Interpol agent. Sterling would have fit in here so well. Especially with all the other awesome guests. I would have really loved to see a scene with Nate, Maggie and Sterling after that little exchange between Maggie and Nate.

Overall: Awesome.

Looking forward to season five!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

I have feelings!

My emotions ran the gambit as I watched this movie.

Spoilers ahead. You've been warned. 

Among my first thoughts were "This stuff is so silly and over the top. I hope the whole movie isn't like this." I was seriously sitting there worried that I wasn't going to enjoy the movie because they were being so silly.

Of course, this was after they killed off Irene Adler and I sat there with that "Oh NO they DID NOT!" look on my face.

So, early on, it wasn't looking so good. But, I hung in there. And am I ever glad I did!

Beyond the over the top moments that occured here and there I really enjoyed this movie.

I could go on and on and on about the performances. Especially Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Jared Harris.

Moriarty showed up on screen and I thought. "Who is this guy?" referring to the actor. I didn't recognize him and I have to say I was a bit skeptical.

Was I ever wrong!

Moriarty was terrifying. Seriously, this was the creepiest, scariest villian I've seen in a while. I really love when the villain is just that calm and collected.

I remember when the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out and there was this rumor floating around that Brad Pitt would be Moriarty in the sequal. I'm SO glad he wasn't. I doubt very much he could have done with this part what Jared Harris did. Acting is obviously in the blood of that family. AMAZING.

As for Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, I have one word - CHEMISTRY.

OK, I have more words. I want four more Sherlock movies just so I have the chance to see Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law share the screen again and again and again. They're great on their own but they make an excellent on screen pair.

I was distracted often by the depth of emotion in Robert Downey Jr.'s eyes. There were times when I just felt so sad while watching this movie and now that I think about it those were almost all, if not all, times with no dialog at all. Simply the look in his eyes.

As far as "eye acting" goes, I'm a big fan of Nathan Fillion. But, after tonight, Robert Downey Jr. is definitely right near the top of the list. And not only Robert Downey Jr. Jude Law also showed impressive emotion without saying anything. Wonderful.

If you weren't a fan of these actors before this movie I can almost guarantee that will change after you see this movie.

Overall, I loved it. I want to see it again.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lost Boys

Saturday night I watched a movie that's been around for over twenty years. A movie that focuses on one of my favorite subjects/genres. A movie that, somehow, I had never seen before.

A movie called The Lost Boys.

I'm not sure how it had escaped me for so long. I mean it's like 24 years old. But, regardless, Saturday was my first viewing.

Things I learned from The Lost Boys:

1. Slaying vampires can and will destroy your plumbing. It doesn't matter what room of the house you slay the vampire in either, if there's plumbing in Any other part of the house it's done for. We're talking exploding sinks and toilets, massive ick from the pipes, All of it. Take your vampire slaying outside.

2. Apparently some vampires Enjoying biting people in the head. Why is this? I mean, I get biting people in the legs or arms or other places like that, but the head? Not of lot of veins up there . . . Is it just because they prefer scalping?

3. Blood in a bottle is really thin. Like, it looks like watered down cool-aid.

4. It doesn't matter how bad things are. It doesn't matter who you're running from. It doesn't matter if you're turning into a vampire and you don't understand anything. It just doesn't matter . . . There is ALWAYS time to stop everything and have sex.

5. Kiefer Sutherland is pretty. He also has a great sounding voice.

6. I will Never look at Richard Gilmore the same way again! Haha.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premier Recap

The Vampire Diaries Season Three Opening Recap.

Are you ready? This may be a long post.

Joseph Morgan. Did you hear that accent? Awesome! He is just so deliciously creepy. Speaking of, if I were that silly girl I would have started freaking out as soon as his accent went from "southern charmer" to "sexy Brit." But, no, she's all "I have a HUGE attitude because I'm from Florida, Jerk."

Good thing the other girl was smart enough to run. Too bad there was no where to go.

Stefan! Stefan, I have been waiting all Summer to see you again! Uh, Stefan? Why are you looking at me like that? You're SO Creepy.

It almost looks for a second like he might be nice Stefan . . . Ya know, until he starts chewing on that girls neck.

Elena. Poor Elena. Again (still?) she has to talk herself into getting out of bed and facing the day. This girl never gets a break.

Jeremy. Are Elena and Jeremy sharing a bedroom? Oh, no, it's just the strange editing. That was weird.

Wait, Jeremy works at the Grill now? I guess that's one way to get Matt into more scenes.

Caroline! I love her. Look at her, trying to pretend everything is normal. (It's so weird that Caroline is telling Elena to call her Mom for help. What?)

Aww, look who's still crashing at the Gilbert's house. Ric, don't you have your own place? Not that I mind. Actually, I think it's sweet that he's still there and I sort of think he should move in. Wouldn't that save everyone some money? (Also, really? He doesn't know how to work a coffee maker? Didn't he live alone before this? Or did he just skip the coffee and go straight to the bourbon?) Um, Ric, What is going on with your hair? Would you fix this, please?

It's sort of strange seeing Tyler back in Mystic Falls. (And Really, Caroline, really? After what he did to you, you're all chummy? I don't approve . . . I don't think.)

Andie Star, Action News! I'm not an Andie fan. I could do without her. I do sort of like that she told Damon to get his own champagne though.

Hello, Mr. Soapy (and all the strategically placed books and knick knacks.) May I just say that I Like Damon's hair. From what I've seen I'm in the minority but oh well.

I like that Damon is keeping track of Stefan, very brotherly.

Bonnie's one and only appearance in this episode is on a little tiny phone camera. You know what? I really didn't miss her.

Moving on.

Ghosts! I have no idea what the story with the ghosts is but I do like Kayla Ewell and Malese Jow are back. Especially Malese. I liked Anna.

Hi, Matt. Maybe he'll get to do something this season. He's so under used.

"Right?" Tyler cracks me up. His response there is just so "Come on, it doesn't HAVE To be crazy, please like me??"

It's Simon Camden! Why is little Simon Camden so scruffy faced and Why is he drinking??

I like (but I probably shouldn't) Klaus and Stefan's team work. Really creepy though. If Klaus wanted a wolf why didn't he just get Tyler? I mean, he was right there. (Or at least ask Tyler "nicely" where his or Jules' wolfy friends are.)

Damon and Alaric! My favorite TVD Crime Fighting Duo!

My word, Stefan is a messy, messy eater.

It's super creepy hearing Damon describe Stefan. Alaric's never going to be able to look at Stefan the same way again. He may never trust him again. Would you?

I love Caroline's line "Just because I tell you things doesn't mean you're allowed to know them."

Can you two just make out right now? Just toss those five bazillion red plastic cups off that table and have fun? Seriously. Then tension!

Look at Stefan, getting into the torture. This reminds me of someone . . . who is that . . . Was evil, then good and all broody and then, Bam! Deliciously evil again! Oh yeah! My Other favorite vampire! Angel.

Elena, darling, that dress? Really? Is that even a dress? I sort of like that she's getting ready, Damon is watching and she doesn't even react. No jumping, no eye rolling, she just comfortable around him. I think I would go so far as to say that, even though he annoys her often, she takes comfort in his presence.

Aww, Damon. I love the way he loves her.

I would like to take this opportunity to say this. The soundtrack on this show? A+++ Perfect.

Whoa. That's a lot of people. I bet they don't even know half the people at that party.

There's Jeremy, heading back to the world of drugs. Or is he? Really, he's just sitting there looking at the joint. Enter Matt, who grabs it and lights right up! Really, Matt? I thought you were the good boy.

"I am every parent's worst nightmare. I am the chaperone teacher from hell." Haha, Ric. Another one of my favorite lines.

I love that Elena just walks up and takes Damon's drink. (See? So comfy with him.) And that she does it right in front of her history teacher. Then she goes on to ask him to talk to her brother who's smoking? Girly, you're drinking! Who should talk to you?

Andie Star, Action News! This scene feels like a scene out of scream. I keep expecting to see Ghostface.

Stefan, Stefan, you're freaking me out again. Could you just smile and ask about Elena please? I miss you.

Uh oh, Damon, Elena found your closet of secrets. You're in trouble now.

"Hello, Brother." OK, I have to be honest, I maybe have squeed, out loud. That was too perfect.

Damon mentions Elena and there's no reaction from Stefan. No reaction? Stefan, what's the matter with you??

Stefan! You made Andie Star, Action News, stand on the edge of that scaffolding to scare Damon? It worked, he's a little freaked. Can you put her down now? Seriously, what's wrong with you? Klaus isn't here, you don't need to put on a show. You KNOW Andie Star, Action News! She's not some stranger. Put her down!

NO! NO! NO! Not like that! That's not what I meant! Stefan! Oh my word! You killed Andie Star, Action News!! Stefan! Where are you? I miss you! I mean, you're sexy and all like this but you're scaring the children! And me! Please come back!

Damon is scared. Damon is scared. Things can not be good when Damon is scared. Poor Damon. We all know he didn't love Andie Star, Action News but I'm sure he cared a little bit about her.

Another scene with Jeremy and Matt? I told you this was going to mean more screen time for poor, lonely Matt.

Oh, interesting, Vicki needs help. I wonder what kind of help she needs. Why doesn't Anna get to talk in this episode?

It's about time, Caroline and Tyler! Did I just say that? I'm still not sure I'm OK with Tyler but the chemistry is just too much. Too much!

Poor Damon, he doesn't even want Caroline's alcohol bottle. It's bad, people!

Here's Elena, just waiting to yell at Damon. Oh, honey, if you only knew what he was protecting you from.

Damon really laid it all out Elena there, didn't he? The only other thing I would have liked to see was a hug. Come on, Damon, she really could have used a hug there.

Matt and Jeremy again?? We get it! They're going to be new besties Maybe you could stop shoving it down our throats?

Matt, Matt, Matt, after finding out your girlfriend was a vampire and then running from werewolves, you really still have a problem believing in ghosts? Where do you live?

Klaus thinks Stefan still cares. Well, the look on his face does seem to say he still cares. But he just killed Andie Star, Action News!

 I'm sort of really upset with Alaric. Those "kids" have lost so much and he's just walking out on them. "You can do all this alone now." Really, Ric? That's sort of mean. I'm sure she CAN do it all alone but she shouldn't have too. How sad.

Uh, yeah, we get it. Caroline and Tyler getting freaky. That's enough now, please. Thanks.

Damon is just a mess. I'm sure he's just sure his baby brother is just gone. No hope, no help. Sadness.

Stefan, you look a little distressed. Could it be all that guilt? Oh, look at him, he needs a hug. (Too bad he'd probably chew you to bits if you tried to hug him.)

Elena, your phone is ringing! Pick it up! Pick it up! Oh, I was SURE she was going to miss that call.


Paul Wesley is absolutely AMAZING in this episode. He was all sexy. He freaked me out. He made me cry. "I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that."

Stefan is still in there somewhere. This is where it's different from Angel. Angel didn't care at all. Stefan does . . . Does that make him more scary or less scary?

I don't care. When he looks like he does when he's on the phone, I just don't care. Come back, Stefan!

Caroline, why didn't you just jump out the window or something? I know it's not very ladylike but it would have been faster.

Oh my word, Carol Lockwood, I HATE you! No one shoots my Caroline and gets away with it! I hope you get to spend some time with your Husband soon!

 The End.

Long post is long. Anyway, those are all my thoughts. I LOVED this episode as I love most episodes. Great opening to what I'm Sure will be a Great season!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finale - The Vampire Diaries

I Love The Vampire Diaries! Love it!

I love all the characters. (To be honest I have less love for Bonnie but she's TONS better now than when the show first started.) I love all the stories. I just love.

The Vampire Diaries finale was one of my favorite finale's this season. So much going on and So much to look forward to next season!

Quick Rundown:

Caroline - I LOVE Caroline. I love everything about her. I don't love Matt or Tyler though! Come on guys! Tyler was just HORRIBLE to her in that one episode a while back and Matt is so stupid he can't get over that one little thing. So she's a vampire! So what!

I love Stefan and Elena, I do. But I would love to see some more scenes with Stefan and Caroline. Candice Accola is amazing and she has chemistry with just about EVERYONE! How awesome! A Stefan/Caroline romance/fling thing? I could deal!

Damon - I LOVE Damon. (My favorite character is a toss between Damon and Caroline.) I love that he's the bad boy who is trying so hard to redeem himself. I LOVED the finale! I loved that Elena forgave him. I Love that he told her he loved her and she gets to remember! I love that she kissed him! I'm excited to see where this is all going to go in the coming season. A lot of stuff happened there that won't be so easy to just forget and not talk about.

Stefan - Ripper Stefan. I have to admit I got Very Excited at the end of the finale. Stefan as the bad boy is SO Intriguing! I can't Wait to see where this story is going! If I were not coming back to TVD next season for anything else (and I am, I'm coming back for everything) THIS story would still pull me back in! In a HUGE way!

Klaus - Love. Joseph Morgan - Love. Joseph Morgan is pretty freakin' awesome. I mean it. I liked him right away. As soon as he joined Twitter I liked him. Before we even SAW Klaus, I was hooked on Joseph. I remember when everyone was talking about Klaus, before they cast the part, and speculating on who could play him. I'd never heard of Joseph Morgan before and Never would have expected him to BE Klaus. He. Is. Perfect for this part. Absolutely perfect. I'm so glad that he wasn't killed off in the finale. I'm excited to see where his story will go next season. Especially with Stefan by his side.

Elijah - Also glad he wasn't destroyed. I've enjoyed his character and I look forward to seeing more of him next season.

Alaric - Matt Davis, what's not to love? lol. I'm so sad for Alaric because of Jenna but I'm excited to see him get a little closer to Elena and Jeremy.

Anna and Vicki - Anna and Vicki! Anna and Vicki!  Yes! Anna was great, I was upset when they killed her off and I'm very happy to see her back. I have no idea where they're going with this story but I'm ready to find out!

I know I didn't cover Everyone but I covered the basics of what I thought. I love this show and I can't wait to see what happens!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Season Finales! (How I Met Your Mother)

I love May Sweeps!

I don't exactly love that a finale means that I have to wait months to find out what happens though!

I'm thinking I'm going to blog about my reaction to some of the season finale's that have aired recently. Some of these posts will be Much shorter than others.

I'm going to start right here with How I Met Your Mother.

All season we've been waiting for news about this secret wedding! All season! What did we find out? Barney's the groom and that's all we know! Who's the Bride? Nora? Robin? Someone else?

I kind of figured Lily was pregnant. Not a real surprise there.

All in all not a fabulous season finale but it was still a good HIMYM episode in general.

I told you some of these would be smaller than others. I just don't have a lot to say about this one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angel - Season Three

I'm laughing at how much things can change in one little season.

I've just finished season 3 of Angel. I'm still trying to decide where this season goes in my list of favorite to least favorite seasons. That's bad when I've only seen three seasons so far.

Again, I loved everything involving Darla. She's really a great character. I kind of wish she were around a bit more.

Baby Conner made me squee and Oooo and Awwww SO Much! That Kiddo was ADORABLE! I just wanted to cuddle him every time I saw him. Grown up Stephen/Conner? Well, it's only the end of season 3 so I'm going to give him some time to grow on me . . . Let's hope he does. He does have SOME attitude on him, that's for sure!

Cordelia is still annoying me. Not sure why, I just don't care for her character. Never really did actually. But, now, this STUPID Angel/Cordelia stuff . . . I just don't even have words for how much I can't stand that! I don't really care for Groo either but if he keeps Cordelia away from Angel, I'm his biggest fan. Too bad he left.

Fred is sorta freakin' Adorable! I LOVE her so much! And, thanks to Fred, I'm really enjoying Gunn too! I didn't like him when he first showed up but I'm totally over that. They're so cute! I ship this a lot!

Still HATE Wesley . . . still waiting for that to change. When he first showed up on the show I kind of liked him. I liked him better than Cordelia and better than Gunn but that has totally changed. Right now, out of the main cast, Wesley is definitely my least favorite. (This in no way mirrors my opinion of Alexis Denisof because I really do enjoy him and he's pretty too.) Also, the Wesley/Lilah thing? I can deal with this. Hate them both, they're perfect for each other!

Then there's Lorne . . . I love Lorne. I didn't love Lorne when he first showed up and to be honest I still think the singing thing is a bit silly but I can totally look past it because I love Lorne. He's sweet and funny and I like the relationship he has with Angel. To recap: Lorne Rocks!

Did I miss anyone? Angel? Well, we all know my love for Angel will never change. Moving on . . .

Lilah is freakin' annoying, as always.

Oh! Holtz! I have a definite love/hate relationship with Holtz. Maybe I hate Holtz but kind of fell in love with Keith Szarabajka. I looked him up on the imdb and was surprised at how often I'd seen him but never noticed him. He really stood out to me as Holtz. A very gray area kind of character. Do you love him? Do you hate him? In the end I guess I hate him. (But that didn't stop him from being a great character.)

I'm excited for season four. Angelus was my favorite Big Bad in Buffy and I love it every time he makes an appearance. There are definitely not enough episodes with this creepy guy. He is legitimately scary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Angel - Season Two

I have finished season two of Angel.

I really enjoyed the Darla arc in this season. I Really enjoyed all the Angel/Darla moments. I don't care how many times he said he didn't or couldn't love Darla. I still think he did. Why would he do all the things he did for her if he didn't love her?

Also, I LOVE it when we get to see Angel's dark side. That part of the Darla storyline was fantastic! I would watch those episodes again, no problem.

Then they had to go and ruin the Whole thing. Angel went into this repentant/brood mode again and decided that Wesley should be in charge. WHAT!?!?!?

And if putting Wesley in charge wasn't enough we ended up in Lorne's homeland. That whole storyline bored me. It went on so much longer than it needed too. Also, it made me hate Wesley. I'm done with him. Maybe he'll redeem himself for me but it's going to take a lot.

At the moment I prefer Gunn to Wesley and I really didn't think that would ever happen. I am So Sick of this Wesley in charge crap too.

The only redeeming thing that came out of that storyline was Fred. I don't have strong feeling about her either way yet but she's on the almost adorable side of the spectrum.

Then there's Lorne. Umm. I kind of think the whole "you have to sing so I can read you" thing is kind of silly. He's just one more character that isn't doing it for me.

So, to recap. I love Angel, he's awesome, will never not love him but, deferring to Wesley is NOT working for him. I Hate Wesley. Fred is kind of precious. Cordelia, I'm not warming up to her very much either. Gunn is growing on me a bit. Lorne is silly.

I want so much to love this show. I really really do. (Hence, I'm still watching.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love my Netflix watch instantly. I was recently able to rewatch the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love that show and missed it a lot. It was nice to see it again.

Since I finished Buffy I thought I would move on to Angel. I was never really into Angel when it was on. Not sure why, I just didn't watch. So, now I've been watching Angel.

I miss Buffy. Not just the series, the character. I'm a BIG fan of Angel/Buffy. Sure she had that thing with Spike and that was fine for the moment but way back in Season three of Buffy in the episode "Enemies." Angel said to Buffy, "You still my girl?" Her answer is it, people. "Always." She will never not love Angel. (And neither will I.)

So, this Angel series . . . While I love Angel (and David Boreanaz) the res of the cast is seriously leaving a lot to be desired. They killed off the next best character to Angel in episode NINE of season ONE. Doyle was awesome and I totally miss him all the time.

Wesley, I don't mind Wesley. He's an okay character. He's no Doyle, but I'll deal.

Cordelia? I freakin' can't stand Cordelia. Seriously. And Angel and Cordelia together?!?! I want to gag. Literally, it's gross. So very wrong. I have no problem with looking at them in a brother/sister kind of way. I think it's sweet every time Angel refers to Cordelia as family.  I think Cordelia and Wesley would make a nice couple. But I only just finished season one.

Gunn. I don't like Gunn either. But like I said I only just finished season one. Maybe I just have to get used to him.

I haven't met Fred or Lorne yet. I have met Lindsay. The character is good and Christian Kane looks FANTASTIC in this part but Lindsay McDonald is an idiot. He's so dumb.

I think that's it for now. Maybe I'll have more when I finish season two.