Friday, February 3, 2012

Vampire Diaries give me Emotions

Things I loved about last night's Vampire Diaries:

(In no particular order)

1. Alaric! Everything Ric. - Matt Davis was perfect last night. He clearly does not get enough screen time on this show. I even cried. Seriously though, Every Season I go through this. PLEASE don't kill Ric??? PLEASE????

2. Caroline. - I adore Caroline.

3. Death of Caroline's Dad - Sorry, Care, but that guy was awful and I was so glad to see him go.

4. Elena/Alaric - What? I just don't know what to feel anymore about them. I know to ship them would be icky. But . . . But, do you SEE the chemistry?? Can't miss it.

5. Matt/Elena - I might agree with Klaus just a teeny, tiny bit. Elena and Matt could use some normal.

6. "I love her, Damon." - Oh, Stefan! It was SO good to hear him say that! I'll admit when Stefan went evil I loved it. It was hot. Paul was awesome. But now it's too hard. He's too scary. I really miss the old, sweet Stefan. However, I'm torn because I like that Damon and Elena are getting some attention. I'm not sure what I want. Ugh.

7. Kol - Klaus FREAKED out! Legitimately! He was so scared of Kol! I can not wait to find out what THAT'S all about!!!

8. Klaus - I love him. Blasted Joseph Morgan. He makes me feel so bad for Klaus. I desperately hope they don't kill Klaus off. I wish he could stay around forever but I don't know how that would work. I imagine they'll lock him up somewhere and save him for later.

9. Original Reunion - This should be interesting. Oh, and Rebekah! :)

OK, I think I'm done. What did you love?