Friday, July 16, 2010


I guess I owe a lot Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I keep mentioning it, don't I?

I was introduced to a lot of actors through that show, including Emma Caulfield.

She was in a movie that was recently released and I really wanted to see. Luckily for me it's streaming instantly on Netflix (or I have no idea where I would have found it). TiMER

It's kind of like a Romance and Science Fiction all rolled into one.

You have a timer implanted in your arm and if your Soul Mate also has a timer it will begin to count down to the exact day you will meet them. For some it's a very short time and for others the timer is counting down for years.

Would you really want to know something like that? Not too mention, do you believe that there is JUST ONE person for everyone?

The timers do seem to cause a bit of problems. WHY would get a timer implanted if you were already married? Wouldn't you be worried that it might start counting down? Bummer!

Overall I actually enjoyed the movie. It didn't end at all how I expected which was refreshing. And Emma Caulfield was just as great as ever. How can you not love her?


And if you're a fan of Ms. Caulfield you can find her on Twitter, @EmmaCaulfield